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                    With the three selectors each awarding a score of between two and five, the minimum score obtainable was six and

                    the maximum was fifteen. The task for the selectors is not just to choose the best images but also to select those that

                    will make a balanced exhibition. The hanging space only allows for the display of 138 prints from an entry of 1,016 so

                    having two hangings meant an acceptance rate of about one in seven.

                    Acceptance Scores:

                    In the Monochrome & Nature Print categories, a mark of 12 or higher guaranteed acceptance, unless an image

                    had received a ‘5’ from one of the selectors. A score of 11 or higher in the Colour Print, Open PDI and Nature PDI

                    categories was the required mark to guarantee selection.

        Exhibition sub-Committee

                    Ann Healey (Immediate Past President and Chair, Exhibitions & Events Sub-Committee), David Chiverton, Marilyn Taylor,

                    Roger Hoyle, Bob Lennox, Janet Barton, Steve Lawrenson, Kathy McLenaghan (in her capacity as SPA President)

        General Exhibition Statistics

               25% of submitted Monochrome Prints, 31% of Colour Prints and 32% of Nature Prints were selected and hung in the exhibition, with the two hangings ensuring an
               almost even split. 25% of submitted Open PDIs and 38% of Nature PDIs were selected and all of these were shown during the exhibition on a 50” HD television.

               Section                             Clubs                        Entered                      Accepted                            Section                             Clubs                        Entered                      Accepted
               Prints                                                                                                                            Projected Images

               Monochrome                          25                           372 from 104*        94 from 56                                  Open                                27                           442 from 116      113 from 62

               Colour                              25                           444 from 123        138 from 81                                  Nature                              24                           260 from    69      100 from 49

               Nature                              21                           200    from      54          65 from 35                                                                             Total         702                         213
                                                                  Total        1,016                             297

                                                                                                                                                 *Note: 372 from 104 indicates 372 images from 104 photographers.
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