About the SPA

About the Surrey Photographic Association.

The Surrey Photographic Association provides a forum for amateur photography, through 51 member clubs and societies in Surrey and beyond.
Formed in 1960, as the Surrey Photographic Federation it changed its name on affiliation to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) on 1st January 1999.

The Association organises a major Day Event each year, with speakers of national and international repute, together with a number of Competitions on both an individual and an inter-club basis.
Every two years there is an Exhibition, which is judged by photographers of appropriate experience.
The Association publishes a Handbook, which contains contact details for judges approved by the Association and of lecturers in the area, who offer their services to camera clubs.
The Association’s member clubs, welcome individual photographers as members whatever their standard or experience, from raw beginners to amateurs of international renown and professionals, with equal enthusiasm.
A typical club programme might consist of internal and external competitions, visiting speakers, demonstrations and visits.